Astronomy Day

    University of Colorado Boulder
    Spring 2016
    Saturday April 23th from
    12PM until 10 PM
    On Campus

See Directions to find SBO and Fiske

Information for hosts

Events at Sommer-Bausch Observatory

Day Time Activities

    Eclipses of the Sun & Moon
    Detecting transiting planets around other stars
    Emission & absorption spectroscopy
    Light and color mixing: RGB, CYM
    Monochromatic lighting: seeing in black&yellow
    Ultraviolet light
    Microwave and Radio Waves

Telescopes and Night Time Activities

      Solar spectrum
      student projects
      how observing is done


      Daytime observing and the inside of a telescope
      Amateur astronomy: what's available, how to use, how observing is done

Activities at Fiske Planetarium
Hours: Noon until 8pm (Fiske only)

    Rocket Launches
    Live talks on astrononmy
    Science on a sphere
    Mars Exhibit
    Theater presentations (planetarium segments)
    more details to come....