Astronomy Day

    University of Colorado Boulder

    Saturday April 15th

    12PM until 10 PM

Events at Sommer-Bausch Observatory

Day Time Activities

    Eclipses of the Sun & Moon
    Detecting transiting planets around other stars
    Emission & absorption spectroscopy
    Light and color mixing: RGB, CYM
    Monochromatic lighting: seeing in black&yellow
    Ultraviolet light
    Microwave and Radio Waves

Telescopes and Night Time Activities

      Solar spectrum
      student projects
      how observing is done


      Daytime observing and the inside of a telescope
      Amateur astronomy: what's available, how to use, how observing is done

Activities at Fiske Planetarium
Hours: Noon until 8pm (Fiske only)

    Rocket Launches
    Live talks on astrononmy
    Science on a sphere
    Mars Exhibit
    Theater presentations (planetarium segments)
    more details to come....